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Ostrich Meat
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Ostrich meat Ostrich meat slaughtered according to Islamic methods is sold at retail.Our out-of-town shipment is made in special foam boxes, by bus.

Ostrich meat is red meat, more like beef in terms of taste and texture. Ostrich meat is leaner than most meats you will cook.

Because it is so lean, you will see much less shrinkage during cooking and you will not need to drain the fat after cooking the ostrich meat.

You can boil, roast or grill ostrich meat like you would beef.Make sure you do not overcook the ostrich meat and you can marinate it so it does not get tough while cooking.

Ostrich meat absorbs marinade faster than beef, so you may want to shorten the marinating time and reduce the number of spices you use.

Cooking times for ostrich meat and beef are about the same.Ostrich meat contains more iron than beef, so it has a very red color even when properly cooked.

Do not compare the color to cooked beef when determining if the meat is properly cooked!Ostrich is often described as tasting like beef, it is generally well-loved by gourmets.

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